Today, the way programmers and developers work has changed drastically. First it was the frameworks that took over many repetitive tasks and thus offered the developer a reliable basis that could also be used across software. The next step is now AI. The integration of AI wizards into the development process has not only accelerated the development of code, but also made programming more fun. Personally, I always have the feeling that I have a backup, in case I just can’t see the forest for the trees. Normally I was/am always the backup for others, now I also have the feeling of having someone behind me who can help me with many things.

In recent years, AI assistants such as chatbots and intelligent code editors have made amazing progress. These assistants use machine learning and natural language processing to understand programming-specific questions and provide relevant answers. Developers can now access a variety of knowledge sources, including documentation, tutorials, forums and even open source projects. The real-time support provided by AI wizards will greatly increase developer efficiency.

Previously, it was a time-consuming task for programmers to search for answers to technical questions. Or even sifting through complex code for problems. Bug-fixing the logic and the big picture will probably continue to be up to us. But smaller fixes are supported by many tools and AIs. Code scanners that quickly find open functions and classes have been around for a while, but the fact that I can now just throw a chunk at an AI and get feedback that I can use is new and fun.

So I’m very open to the new technology and don’t see my job threatened, on the contrary – I think I’ll become an even more productive employee and achieve better results faster.

More managers should realise this, not save staff but get more out of them, simply become more productive.