I think that this is the best time to develop and program. There are so many possibilities and with very simple means one can already gain access to knowledge. Above all, I find the change of the mindset positive, people are increasingly starting to develop open source and share their knowledge with great pleasure. I am looking forward to the next 15 years.

There are so many great tools, frameworks, tutorials etc. for every programming language. I am still very enthusiastic about PHP and GO and I see very big and positive changes in PHP as well. Rust btw is also interesting, but already more towards C++, in that case I would switch to C++, it is faster and you can do everything with it.

If I still remember the old days when I sat at my Amiga with a book about C and taught myself useful English on the side.

Then you come back to work, have to deal with Zend Framework 1 :-( Why is working on your own projects so much more up to date than the projects in the company? I often really bored by the old school systems and often from the old school people (not all of them, but there are a lot).